Sidney proposed crackdown on Airbnb subletting

Sydney Proposes Crackdown On Airbnb Illegal Subletting

While Sydney is the 10th largest market for Airbnb, renting out short-term rental accommodations to tourists and visitors is not allowed in most residential areas. The money is so good, however, that many residents of Sydney and surrounding areas take the chance to ignore local laws. In New South Wales (NSW), local councils have different[…]

How Charlotte approaches short term rentals

Charlotte’s Approach To Short Term Rentals

In the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, the local government has been largely quiet about short term rentals and how they are treated under local ordinances. There hasn’t been a lot of back-and-forth discussion in Charlotte’s city council to restrict subletting, as there has been in some other major North Carolina communities like Asheville. But Charlotte[…]

How Pam Springs manages Airbnb sublets

Palm Springs Manages Airbnb Sublets With New Rules

At a time when a third of Palm Springs short-term rentals were in violation of current laws, the city decided to crack down on illegal Airbnb sublets and adopt harsh new rules to regulate the vacation rental industry. Since 2009, the number of vacation rental properties in Palm Springs have doubled, which resulted in an increase[…]

Illegal subletting in Louisville, KY

Off To The Races: Illegal Subletting In Louisville

Louisville, home to the Kentucky Derby, attracts a booming tourist business year around that outstrips the availability of local hotels, especially in areas such as the Highlands, Clifton/Crescent Hill, Germantown, Schnitzelburg, and Old Louisville. Offering properties on Airbnb was considered illegal subletting, yet Kentucky had 80,000 hosts on that site alone in 2016, which caused[…]

Short term rental laws in Key West

Short Term Rental Laws in Key West

Like many Florida cities, Key West is heavily dependent on tourism. To keep the city an attractive home base for its 25,000 permanent residents and to continue presenting a certain low-key flair to visitors, the city closely regulates the number of tourists welcome on the island, whether they stay in hotels or come via cruise[…]