Maui Threatens Airbnb Evictions Of Illegal Subletters

Maui threatens airbnb eviction

Illegal subletting is very controversial in many American communities, and the Hawaiian Islands are no exception. Islands like Maui see tremendous tourism volume every year and some local governments are simply fed up with people going under the radar to offer short-term rentals to travelers.

As a result, Airbnb renters have every reason to be nervous about government enforcement. Can Airbnb eviction happen? According to local law, it can, in the sense that governments are working to actively enforce laws currently on the books against Airbnb rentals.

In Maui and other parts of Hawaii, many short term rentals are illegal, which can put tourists at risk of an unexpected Airbnb eviction. Learn more.

Maui Enforces Rules That Could Lead To Airbnb Eviction

An article on the site of a private real estate company shows how officials on some Hawaiian Islands have taken funds from the Department of Planning and Permitting or DPP to enforce action against illegal sublets. Staff are actively shutting down rentals, which sounds a lot like Airbnb eviction.

The governments aren’t doing this just to be mean. Documented problems with illegal subletting are provoking local leaders to crack down on Airbnb and other similar practices when they don’t conform to what the community has chosen in terms of rules and regulations. Governments can impose the need for a license permit and other business requirements, partly to limit occupancy, decrease noise and disturbance in a community, and make sure that everyone who lives there is treating their properties in a way that’s respectful to their neighbors.

Landlords need a way to know if their tenants are complying with Airbnb laws, or if they are illegally renting a rented property out over the platform. You are advised to consider using web-based monitoring tools to protect your investment in your properties.