Charlotte’s Approach To Short Term Rentals

How Charlotte approaches short term rentals

In the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, the local government has been largely quiet about short term rentals and how they are treated under local ordinances. There hasn’t been a lot of back-and-forth discussion in Charlotte’s city council to restrict subletting, as there has been in some other major North Carolina communities like Asheville.

But Charlotte and Mecklenburg County do have zoning ordinances and require businesses to get a license and pay a business license tax, and some of these rules can have a bearing on short term rental regulations.

Landlords in Charlotte NC aneed ways to identify tenants that are scamming the system with non-complying short term rentals. Learn more.

Short Term Rentals Control Based On Zoning Regulations

In Charlotte, short term rental rules are governed by the city’s zoning ordinance and related regulations. Any business building should conform to Charlotte building and housing standards. There is also a room occupancy tax that applies to any situation where some someone stays in a property for less than 90 days. Airbnb is not an exception, and the company actually collects some of these taxes in these municipalities. Want to know more about Charlotte NC Airbnb sublet rules? You’ll need to contact the city police department and leave a message, as these regulations are not currently posted online.

No matter where you are in North Carolina, short term rental regulations are important. Without some sort of government oversight, Airbnb rentals and other situations can quickly get out of hand. Common problems include noise and disturbance, litter and trash left behind by vacationers, extremely high occupancy rates, parking problems, and more.

Landlords in Charlotte NC and around the country need ways to identify tenants that are scamming the system with non-complying short term rental situations. Use available Airbnb monitoring services to get savvy about illegal subletting and nip this kind of behavior in the bud. Protect your property and your community by being vigilant about short term rentals.