Las Vegas Views on Short Term Rentals

Vegas views on short term rentals

Many American communities are caught up in massive debates about the practice of subletting properties and the rise of short-term rentals in many neighborhoods. One of the interesting conversations is in Las Vegas, a city with a lot of tourist attractions and many visitors each year. Right now, the local City Council is deliberating on new laws about short term rentals in Las Vegas, after a vote in June to require special-use permits to rent out a property through Airbnb.

Much of the issue with short-term rentals in Vegas revolves around where in the city a property is located. In core areas, such as North Vegas, there are no short-term rental ordinances. However, out in Clark County and surrounding areas, there are consequences for improper listings on Airbnb or other kinds of illegal sublets. Fines and even jail time can apply, according to some city officials.

Laws about short term rentals in Las Vegas vary depending on where you are. Learn more.

Are Short Term Rentals Legal In Las Vegas

Before subletting a Vegas rental property, a tenant, or homeowner, needs to research the law fully. They need to understand whether restrictions are in place, and whether a landlord has written a ban on short-term rentals into a lease agreement. Some leases will have rules on occupancy or noise or other issues that could affect whether a short-term rental plan is viable. Most tenants are considerate, but some will go ahead with illegal sublets anyway. That makes it hard for landlords who need to know whether their properties are listed on services for short-term rentals in Vegas.

In short, landlords need to protect their properties from illegal sublets. By using available services and staying on top of Airbnb listings and posts on other vacation rental platforms, landlords can make sure they are not exposed to risk through a tenant’s effort to pursue subletting.