Miami’s Stance on Short Term Rentals

short term rental laws in Miami

In some areas of Miami, the local government has already put in place rules to restrict the use of short term rentals. Sources like MiamiHabitat show that in some Miami Beach neighborhoods, rentals of less than six months are prohibited by local law, and short-term rentals or sublets are not allowed. In places like North Miami, some licensed operators are being grandfathered into exclusions. In other parts of the city like Coral Gables, property owners are still allowed to rent vacation homes.

In parts of the city without specific laws, the question often comes down to a single check box. Experts point out that the standard Florida Association of Realtor and Bar Association lease has a specific box in paragraph 16 that shows whether or not a landlord allows a tenant to sublet. This is a very clear rule and easy indicator to let people know whether their use of Airbnb or other subletting tools is legal or not.

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New Developments Challenge Short-term Rentals In Miami

Recently, property management company Aimco filed lawsuits against Airbnb in California and Florida on the grounds that they were promoting illegal subletting in the area. The suit from Aimco, which owns several major apartment complexes in the Miami area, is further ammunition for prosecutors from Miami and Miami Beach who want to eliminate short-term rentals.

There are many reasons why local authorities and landlords would seek to restrict subletting, including concerns around occupancy, noise, property maintenance, and especially safety. It’s important for all parties to understand the law in Miami and how it applies to Airbrb or any other sublet situation.

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