What San Diego Is Doing About Short Term Vacation Rentals

short term vacation rentals San Diego

There is some confusion about the process of subletting properties and housing units as short term vacation rentals in San Diego. The San Diego Union-Tribune shows that over the last few years, the city has been embroiled in a legal debate about how to handle excessive use of platforms like Airbnb that helps property owners or others to simply rent out a space to vacationers or other visitors.

Vacation rental is a popular option in areas such as San Diego, where homeowners and tenants are seeking the high rental dollars that vacationers are more than willing to part with. Landlords can prevent short-term subletting in their leases, but there is a greater debate over whether the city has a role to play in limiting these kinds of transactions.

A new Fox 5 report in March of 2017 shows city attorney Mara Elliott in San Diego maintaining that the city’s municipal code bans short-term vacation rentals anywhere in the city. The San Diego Tribune reported that in 2016, another attorney City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said that the existing law is insufficient, and too vague to really rule on the issue comprehensively.

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New Laws Add Heat To Short-Term Vacation Rentals In San Diego

In July 2017, the city released new rules that allow short-term rentals that meet certain criteria. The law addresses renting rooms and entire homes to up to two paid visitors for 30 days, while requiring landlords with more visitors to apply for status as a bed-and-breakfast. however, the law has not stopped discussion and argument from either proponents or opponents of short-term vacation rentals.

Renters in San Diego will have to look at local laws, and the standards that are written into in their leases, to figure out whether utilizing Airbnb or creating short-term sublets is allowed or not. Landlords who have prohibited this practice need a way to enforce their leases. It’s not always easy to evaluate multiple properties and figure out whether illegal subletting is going on.  Take a look at how this property management monitoring app is making things easier for landlords in San Diego.